Planting Plans

Pizza lover? King of the grill? Crazy about salad? Whatever your tastes and whatever your space, we’ve got a garden plan for you.

You would enjoy gardening in a raised bed if

  • You have some unused space in your yard (in a sunny spot).
  • You haven’t had much luck with in-ground gardens due to poor soil.
  • You like the look of a defined garden space.
  • You want your garden to double as an attractive landscape element.
  • You’d like your garden to be a little higher off the ground than a traditional bed.

3 of Our Favorite 4×4 Plans

Plant a raised bed with ingredients for pizza toppings and sauce.

A container garden would be a great choice for you if

  • You rent your home or live in an apartment.
  • Your only sunny outdoor spot is on a deck, terrace, or driveway.
  • You’re new to gardening.
  • You only want to grow a few things.
  • Your ideal garden is even higher off the ground than a raised bed.

3 of Our Favorite Container Plans

front view of salad garden in containers

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